We create effective strategies, powerful identities, seamless interactions, and memorable experiences to connect people to brands and organizations.

  • We hoped to have a fully fledged Brand,Media and advertising team closely working with the design team at the Brand & media agency company.
  • Our target is was hit great numbers, in regards to advertising and media coverage for both traditional and online media.
  • The company was set on investing in equipment like Heavy Render Systems, Servers, Web system in a bid to grow our production numbers, as well as product improvement for the clients.
  • Our plan was to grow the franchise will be kick started at the close of the second financial year, with plans to open up Design Kings Ltd. Branches in Angola and in the UK for the European market.
  • The company intended to aggressively market their services to other corporate institutions and Government parastatals. We also intended to open branches in major Countries Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, Tanzania, Congo, Guinea The company has also put up plans to bid for jobs in international markets such as Africa and Europe.

Everything that we get our hands on, we are passionate about. From the smallest idea born into a creative campaign, to the most complicated platform. We love what we do. So, we care about what we do for you and it shows!

Design has opened our minds to the raw power of imagination. It has engulfed us in a world where imagination is limitless and nothing is out of our reach. From a word, a sound, a memory or a feeling, imagination is born!

We naturally feel like a magnet drawn to new ideas. We look forward to the partnership we create, whilst asking all the right questions to lead us to the answer. We are a team who relish in triumph.

Each project that comes into the studio at Design Kings is an opportunity to design amazing work that connects with the intended audience. Every mark, line, and letter has a purpose! Each individual element of the design is necessary. Every website and application is considered. Our services cover all stages of the design process from our initial meeting to a beautifully managed end product.